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Why RF Ice Cube 2.0?


Exceptional Patient

Virtually painless. Lesser time per session. Faster Rx time. Minimal recovery downtime.

Skin Types

Works on All
Skin Types

Be it Type 1 or Type 6 or even tanned skin. RF Ice Cube 2.0 delivers on all.


World Class Know-How
& Expertise

Most Advanced Technology for Laser Hair Reduction. Cool Brush with Gliding Motion Speed Tech.

Hair Experts

Hair Experts for your
Laser Hair Reduction

Who knows hair better than the Hair Doctors to the Nation? Led by the true pioneers of Trichology & hair care.

Laser Hair Reduction with RF Ice Cube 2.0 - Experience the RichFeel Advantage

Revolutionary Technology. World Class Expertise. Exceptional Patient Comfort.
A boon to every man & woman seeking a permanent solution to unwanted body hair.

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Highlights of RF Ice Cube 2.0

  • Exceptional Patient Comfort: Operating at a moving speed of up to 10 pulse/ sec the chances of pain are minimized significantly. The cool brush technology uses water cold sapphire that provides further comfort.
  • High Energy for Effective Results. Uses 2000 watts (instead of traditional 750 watts) which results in deeper penetration and gives effective results.
  • Lesser Time per Sessions: Owing to the larger spot size, gliding motion & pulse rate of 10/sec, the time taken per session is dramatically reduced.
  • Minimal Recovery Time: Go back to your work & life immediately after the session; minimal recovery or downtime required.
  • Works on All Skin Types: Works on all skin types from 1 to 6 as well as on tanned skin.
  • Hair doctors for Laser Hair Reduction: The true hair experts to guide and intensely trained professionals to carry out the procedures, ensuring world-class treatment.
  • A Satiny Smooth Experience: This innovative technology glides smoothly over the skin giving maximum result and minimum discomfort.
  • World Class Technology & Unparalleled Expertise: Using the latest know-how and expertise in the world, this machine is developed, produced and imported from Italy; brought to India by RichFeel, the true pioneers of trichology and hair care in India.

Uncover & flaunt your body free of unwanted hair.

Live life on your own terms!

Leave your hair worries to the Hair Experts and be carefree.

Client Testimonials


Shweta Kulkarni

"My profession requires me to always stay fashionable and I end up wearing short skirts and dresses most of the times. But waxing my legs was turning out to be a real pain since I have rapid hair growth on my legs. That’s when I heard of RF Ice Cube 2.0 and booked an appointment with my nearest clinic. I can now wear anything I want without worrying about my hair growth."


Pratiksha Kapade

"My facial hair growth had me really worried since my college days and I somehow never liked bleaching them. One day I read Richfeel’s ad in the newspaper. Richfeel has been a trusted brand amongst many and hence I did not hesitate to book myself an appointment. I’m still undergoing my sessions and I find it very comfortable and pain free."


Lipika Dey

"I was initially very reluctant to try laser because I always thought it’s a painful procedure. When I heard of RichFeels IcE Cube 2.0 technology which claimed to be a painless procedure I got myself registered quickly and have loved how painfree and hassle free the entire treatment is"

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